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Other Products

In addition to our standard product offering of sensors and drilling systems, we have expertise in electrical, mechanical, and computer software systems. We design and build custom instruments for integration into your OEM products.

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  • Model 428D - Clip on AC/DC Milliammeter Data Sheet(pdf)
    • Measures currents from 20 μA to 10 A without circuit interruption
    • AC and DC modes
    • Precision offset capability
    • Optional magnetometer probes
    • Measurement of current in high voltage applications
    • Measurement of small AC or DC current changes superimposed on a steady current up to 10 A
    • Measurement of power supply current and ripple
    • Measurement of magnetic fields from 1 μG to 10 G (with optional magnetometer probe)
Superconducting Rock Magnetometer (SRM) System
  • Model 855 - Vertical SRM System Data Sheet(pdf)
    • Processes up to 99 discrete samples in one measurement session
    • Sample stability, improved run times, and ease of use, with our automated XY table sample handler
    • Research laboratories measuring the magnetic properties of rock samples
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