Design & Manufacturing Services
Design & Manufacturing Services
We design systems that provide accurate measurement of motion and location

Applied Physics Systems, Inc. has a 40+ year history of designing and manufacturing sensors and systems for use in applications to solve complex technical problems across a wide range of industries including defense & public sector, aerospace, oil & gas exploration, inertial guidance, horizontal directional drilling, and private and university based research.

Our core competencies include:

  • magnetics/magnetic field measurement
  • directional/orientation sensors
  • magnetometer sensors
  • accelerometer sensors
  • low magnetic field environments
  • signal processing
  • electronics and circuit design
  • high temperature/high shock electronics and systems
  • software development
  • firmware development
  • user interfaces and displays
  • electro-mechanical design

Applied Physics employs a production staff and testing group and supports product development and customer technical support with a full technical staff including electrical, mechanical, software and firmware engineers as well as both an experimental and theoretical physicists.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, APS provides industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing services for developing directional components and systems from concept to deployment, all in a high quality, cost-effective, and timely manner.

Our customers rely on us to solve their most difficult challenges in the design of guidance and measurement systems that incorporate accelerometers and magnetometers. With our ecosystem of partners, APS is your trusted partner for designing components and systems that are on budget, on schedule, and future-proofed.

We transform complex problem solutions from ideas into reality.

Development Examples

Superconducting Rock Magnetometer System (SRM)

Applied Physics Systems has designed, developed and built SRM systems for more than 40 years and has an installed base of 200+ systems installed at universities and research institutions worldwide. The systems utilize Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) sensors to measure magnetic information in rocks to study the history of the earth and its lithology going back 100’s of millions of years.

Fluxgate Magnetometers

Applied Physics has designed and developed a full line of fluxgate sensors and has supplied 1,000’s of these units for a wide variety of applications over a 30+ year period. Both digital and analog units are available as well as units that are high speed, high resolution, miniaturized, etc.

Directional Instruments

Applied Physics offers a line of directional sensors design to provide guidance in oil and gas drilling. These instruments are built to operate in an environment that includes high levels of shock and vibration at temperatures up to 175C for periods of days, weeks or months in some cases. Due to the high cost of drilling operations, reliability of the directional instrument is crucial to the success of the product. Applied Physics has established its products in this market, supplying over 3,000 directional instruments in the past ten years.

Heading Sensors

Applied Physics designs and manufactures a line of Heading Sensors used in defense and other maritime applications. These instruments are required to operate for months of deployment on sonar arrays and other surveillance systems deployed in the ocean

Measurement While Drilling Systems (MWD)

Applied Physics designs and manufactures MWD systems used in oil and gas exploration applications, Horizontal Directional Drilling and Geothermal energy applications. These are complex systems that incorporate navigational and formation evaluation sensors coupled with a telemetry system to allow for the drilling of deviated or otherwise complex boreholes. The systems are designed to navigate the drilling of boreholes as deep as two miles below the earth’s surface in high shock and vibration environments where temperatures up to 175 degrees Celsius are present

Accelerometer Sensors

Applied Physics designs and manufactures accelerometer sensors for use in a wide variety of instruments. These sensors measure the Earth’s gravitational field while us used to determine the Pitch and Roll (or Inclination and ToolFace) angles of the sensor or the angles of device in which the sensor is installed.

Low Field Measurement Systems utilizing Optically Pumped Magnetometers

Applied Physics has developed or has under development several products that utilize Optically Pumped Magnetometers (OPM’s). One such product is our Model 110 Optically Pumped Rock Magnetometer System. This system is a new version of our Superconducting Rock Magnetometer product line that utilizes OPM’s rather than the SQUID technology used in the SRM product line. These systems are used to measure the properties of core samples like the SRM’s but do not need the cooling system required by the SQUID technology .

Custom Development Projects

Applied Physics has engaged in a number of development and research projects with both public and private entities. An example of a public collaboration is a project we engaged in with the Department of Energy and Honeywell to design and create a directional instrument capable of operating at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. An example of a private collaboration is a project we engaged in to develop and integrate a wireless communication into a drilling tool designed by a third party customer


  • 16,750 Sq. Ft Manufacturing Facility located in Mountain View, California
  • 3,000 Sq. Ft R&D Facility in Mountain View, California
  • 5,000+ Sq. Ft Operations & Test Facility located in The Woodlands, Texas
  • 12,000 Sq. Ft Operations & Test Facility located in Calgary, Alberta

Listing of Key Equipment

  • Active Helmholtz Coil Systems (3)
  • Coil Winding Machines (5)
  • Environmental Heating/Cooling Chambers (5+)
  • High Temperature Soldering Stations (8)
  • Manual Calibration Stands (2)
  • Automatic Calibration Stands (3)
  • Automatic Rotation Stands (1)
  • Vibration Table
  • HALT/HASS Test Chamber

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We believe that every great product or system begins with an exciting new concept. We listen to your problems and concerns. After understanding and documenting your ideas, our engineers work with you to explore various technologies and solution options to bring that concept to life. We also research recent trends and refine the concept to arrive at a set of practical requirements that satisfy all stakeholders. Innovation makes the difference between a product that enters the market and one that leads it. We would welcome hearing your challenges and working with you to provide the solution.


Once the desired solution requirements are clear and agreed upon, the next step is to convert them into a practical design that is suitable for scale manufacturing. Our engineers are experts at creating a design that will both satisfy requirements and be ready for scale production. Our extensive experience, knowledge and skills in electronic board design, microcontroller software and FPGA development, means we’re able to rapidly design and build innovative electronic products and systems.


Depending upon the novelty of the design, prototyping will most likely be required. Our engineers will build the first products to the design, refining it along the way, and validating that the design meets the requirements and that the requirements capture stakeholder expectations. We provide all the documentation and support you need, wherever you are based.


With a final design validated, we will work with your team to scale up production to meet demand. We specialize in delivering manufacturing solutions to fit the most complicated requirements and meet the most demanding schedules. Our design teams are experts at streamlining and removing roadblocks in an agile way. Our proprietary development methodologies give an unrivalled proficiency in delivering products of the highest quality that go on to become the gold-standard technology in the market.

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