Design & Manufacturing Services
Design & Manufacturing Services
We design systems that provide accurate measurement of motion and location

Applied Physics Systems (APS) has decades of experience designing and manufacturing accurate and ruggedized accelerometers and magnetometer components and directional measurement systems for aerospace, defense, medical, scientific, and oil and gas applications.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, APS provides industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing services for developing directional components and systems from concept to deployment, all in a high quality, cost-effective, and timely manner.

Our customers rely on us to solve their most difficult challenges in the design of guidance and measurement systems that incorporate accelerometers and magnetometers. With our ecosystem of partners, APS is your trusted partner for designing components and systems that are on budget, on schedule, and future-proofed.

We transform complex problem solutions from ideas into reality.


We believe that every great product or system begins with an exciting new concept. We listen to your problems and concerns. After understanding and documenting your ideas, our engineers work with you to explore various technologies and solution options to bring that concept to life. We also research recent trends and refine the concept to arrive at a set of practical requirements that satisfy all stakeholders. Innovation makes the difference between a product that enters the market and one that leads it. We would welcome hearing your challenges and working with you to provide the solution.


Once the desired solution requirements are clear and agreed upon, the next step is to convert them into a practical design that is suitable for scale manufacturing. Our engineers are experts at creating a design that will both satisfy requirements and be ready for scale production. Our extensive experience, knowledge and skills in electronic board design, microcontroller software and FPGA development, means we’re able to rapidly design and build innovative electronic products and systems.


Depending upon the novelty of the design, prototyping will most likely be required. Our engineers will build the first products to the design, refining it along the way, and validating that the design meets the requirements and that the requirements capture stakeholder expectations. We provide all the documentation and support you need, wherever you are based.


With a final design validated, we will work with your team to scale up production to meet demand. We specialize in delivering manufacturing solutions to fit the most complicated requirements and meet the most demanding schedules. Our design teams are experts at streamlining and removing roadblocks in an agile way. Our proprietary development methodologies give an unrivalled proficiency in delivering products of the highest quality that go on to become the gold-standard technology in the market.

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