Over 40 Years of Scientific Innovation

Applied Physics Systems is a leading manufacturer of sensors and systems used in oil field, industrial and scientific applications. Our primary products are directional sensors, magnetometers and downhole drilling sensors and electronics. We design and engineer all of the products we supply. In addition to our standard products, we conduct contract research for other organizations in our fields of expertise. We can design and build modified versions of our instruments as well as completely new instruments to solve your needs for magnetic field measurement, orientation sensors, steering tools, and clip-on milliammeters.

Our History

Applied Physics Systems was founded in 1976 by Bill Goodman and for over forty years has developed expertise in the design and manufacture of magnetometer sensors. In the last fifteen years, we have developed and expanded our products for drilling systems, electrical, mechanical, and computer software systems. Applied Physics Systems is a leader in the manufacture of magnetic field measuring equipment, including Fluxgate Magnetometers, DC SQUID Magnetometers and Clip-on Milliammeters. We also manufacture a broad line of Angular Orientation measuring sensors including Steering Sensors for Directional Drilling applications and miniaturized sensors for general purpose use. Applied Physics Systems is also a world leader in the design and production of Rock Magnetometer systems and accessories. These systems are produced in partnership with William S. Goree, Inc. and are sold under the 2G Enterprises name. 2G has its own web site with complete information on the instruments offered:

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    Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)
    04 - 07 May 2020
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    Houston, Texas USA
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  • Global Petroleum Show
    Global Petroleum Show
    09 - 11 June 2020
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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    Oman Petroleum & Energy Show (OPES)
    14 - 16 September 2020
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Does Applied Physics Systems have sales offices? How can I visit?

Applied Physics Systems is headquartered in Mountain View, California. We also have  Sales Offices in Houston, TX, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We can receive visitors at all of our offices anytime, by appointment. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

Does Applied Physics Systems provide custom drilling solutions?

Applied Physics Systems designs and supplies a standard product offering of OEM sensor products (directional, gamma, and magnetometer) to system integrators and MWD systems and related peripheral devices to customers providing MWD services. We also engage in customer development projects with strategic partners.

What type of services does Applied Physics Systems provide?

Applied Physics Systems provide maintenance and repair services for all of the instruments and systems we supply to our customers. We provide in-house and field based training as needed to our existing customers to facilitate the correct use and deployment of our systems and instruments. We offer our products for sale and in some cases as rentals. We do not provide any services which involve operating our equipment, such as MWD Services or Directional Drilling Services.

What testing and quality assurance procedures does Applied Physics Systems use?

Applied Physics Systems employs an exhaustive quality and qualification process for all our new product designs and applies custom designed production tests for each individual item manufactured. Testing for performance (calibration and accuracy), for reliability and/or for environmental conditions (temperature and vibration) depends on the instrument or assembly.