Applied Physics Systems is a leading manufacturer of sensors and systems used in oil field,
industrial and scientific applications.  We design and engineer all of the products we supply.
Our primary products are directional sensors, magnetometers and downhole drilling sensors
and electronics.

History: Applied Physics Systems was founded in 1976 by Bill Goodman and for over
thirty years has developed expertise in the design and manufacture of magnetometer
sensors.  In the last fifteen years, Applied Physics has developed and expanded its
products for drilling systems, electrical, mechanical, and computer software systems.

Applied Physics Systems is a leader in the manufacture of magnetic field measuring
equipment, including Fluxgate Magnetometers, DC SQUID Magnetometers and Clip-on
Milliammeters. We also manufacture a broad line of Angular Orientation measuring sensors
including Steering Sensors for Directional Drilling applications and miniaturized sensors for
general purpose use.

In addition to our standard products, APS conducts contract research for other organizations
in the fields of its expertise. APS can design and build modified versions of our instruments
as well as completely new instruments to solve your needs for magnetic field measurement,
orientation sensors, steering tools and clip-on milliammeters.

APS is also a world leader in the design and production of Rock Magnetometer systems
and accessories. These systems are produced in partnership with William S. Goree, Inc.
and are sold under the 2G Enterprises name. 2G has its own web site with complete
information on the instruments offered: http://www.2GEnterprises.com


 APRIL 2013

Sunnyvale, California - Applied Physics Systems, Inc. Announces Discontinuation of
the Model 750 Directional Sensor

As of April 1, 2012, Applied Physics Systems will no longer accept orders for Model 750
and Model 850 Directional Sensors rated to 150 deg. C and below.
This action is being taken because certain parts critical to this type of sensor will no longer
be available to Applied Physics Systems. Model 750HT and Model 850HT directional sensors,
which are rated to 175 deg. C, will not be affected by this change.

APRIL 2013

Sunnyvale, California - Applied Physics Systems, Inc. Announces Availability of
the Model 760 Directional Sensor

Applied Physics Systems announces the April 1 release of the newly designed Model
760 Directional Sensor. The Model 760 is intended to replace all existing Model 750
series directional sensors rated at 150 deg. C or below, which are being discontinued and
taken out of production once all current obligations are fulfilled.

Model 760 Product Enhancements

The Model 760 directional sensor is 100% compatible with existing Model 750 units, and
has the following improvements and new features:

  • More rugged sensor package
  • More rugged chassis with Max Temperature Indicator
  • Accurate inclination while rotationg (at 20 deg. inclination or greater)
  • Accurate azimuth while rotating
  • Real-time clock
  • Real-time rotation detection
  • Accurate RPM detection from static to 400 RPM
  • Full logging and device history
  • Windows-based customer log download program with variables for Max Temperature,
    Max Vibration and Max Shock
  • Absolute and resettable counters for operational hours



APS has expanded into its new, state-of-the-art production facilities in Sunnyvale, California.
Our new address is 281 East Java Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA



Applied Physics Systems has begun field tests in North America of our new Model 600
Near Bit Sub. Designed to be run with the AP-250 EM MWD System, the Model 600
comes in 5” and 6.5” sizes, both with a length of 36”. On-board sensor and electronics
packages provide inclination, azimuthal gamma, vibration, and rotation data, all transmitted
wirelessly to the AP-250 EM MWD System located above the power section of the BHA
where it is then transmitted to the operator on the surface via EM telemetry.  

Field testing is expected to last 30-60 days with a commercial product release to follow
upon successful completion.



We're hiring. Please contact us at jobs@appliedphysics.com for more information about the
following positions. Include JOB INQUIRY and any reference information in the subject field.
All resumes should be in PDF format. Applied Physics Systems is an EEO Employer.  M/F/D/V 


We’re looking for experienced Electrical and Mechanical Engineers with specific experience in
oil field applications, sensors (magnetic, accelerometers), and high temperature/high vibration
electro-mechanical systems.

Skilled Technicians

We’re looking for high-end assemblers with experience in high temperature solder assembly
and complex calibration procedures.

Current Positions

Administrative / Accounting Assistant

Applied Physics Systems is searching for a high-level support to the
Administrative / Accounting team.

Job Summary

In this dual role, you will need to demonstrate the ability to carry out various administrative
and accounting duties with a high degree of energy, positive attitude, confidence, and
ability to take initiative toward solving problems while maintaining accuracy and productivity.
You will also be required to interact directly with the company owners and members of all
other departments including Receiving, Purchasing, Engineering, H.R. and Production.

Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative duties will include but not be limited to:
• Various administrative and clerical duties including preparing email correspondence,
   Internet research, organizing company records, and management of basic facility
   needs as they arise.
• Payroll data entry, producing various weekly and monthly reports and working on
   special projects (i.e. company event planning) as assigned.
• Making travel arrangements for various company personnel.
• Learning the phone system and providing back-up for the Front Office Receptionist
   when necessary.

Accounting duties will include but not be limited to:
• A/P data entry and matching.
• Researching and resolving A/P issues.
• A/P scheduling and creating various weekly reports for the company owners and
   Finance Manager.
• Banking and credit card reconciliation.
• A/R invoicing and collection follow-up.

Desktop Computer Skills

• Spreadsheets: Using Microsoft Excel to enter, manipulate and format text and numerical
   data; insert, delete and manipulate cells, rows and columns; create and save worksheets,
   charts and graphs.
• Experience in entering data into and extracting basic reports from ERP or accounting
   system software.
• Word Processing: Using Microsoft applications to type text, insert pictures, format, edit,
   print, save and retrieve word processing documents.
• Email and Internet Skills: Working knowledge of email applications and Internet proficiency
   for research, online ordering and making travel arrangements.

Education and Experience

The successful candidate for this job will have at least 10+ years of experience working in small
to mid-sized organizations where proficiency in several business practices was required.
Excellent written and verbal communication, organizational and multi-tasking skills are a must!
A sound understanding of bookkeeping and accounting principles, including application of
CA State sales and use tax regulations, is required.

Corporate Services / Facilities Coordinator

This opportunity is ideal for a resourceful, team-oriented professional who has exceptional
project management skills and the ability to establish strong work relationships with vendors,
independent contractors, building management personnel and multiple levels of management and staff.


• Maintain strong relationships with vendors
• Schedule and supervise all matters relating to facilities and building maintenance; provide
   guidance to maintenance teams and oversee projects
• Liaise with multiple levels of management and staff to anticipate and respond to ongoing needs
• Collaborate with IT / Help Desk to provide guidance and insight as needed
• Facilitate interdepartmental operations and take on additional assignments
• Perform pick-ups and deliveries to and from vendors and customers
• Support Purchasing
• Drive company truck to pick up and deliver supplies
• Member of Safety Team


• Minimum 3 years of related experience; must have a demonstrated knowledge of facilities
   and building management
• Highly organized with careful attention to detail
• Customer service-oriented with flexibility to work independently or as part of a team
• Strong work ethic with the ability to multitask and prioritize competing deadlines
• Excellent driving record


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